Obesity during adolescence caused impotence in adulthood

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is commonly called a disease caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. One of the characteristics and symptoms of erectile dysfunction is hard penis can not stimulated enough despite long.

A person suffering from erectile dysfunction is not sudden but through a long process. Such as smoking or obesity for years while still a teenager. Things like that cause vascular disorders slowly until finally there impotence.
Lifestyle and food consumed at a young age also affects the sexual life at the age of adulthood. A study proves that, that children and adolescents who are overweight will have problems with impotence and other sexual problems in the future when the age of an adult.

children are too fat

The study was initially conducted to learn more about the effects of diabetes on the function of the sex organs. Research conducted on children and young men because men are generally young age do not have a problem with diabetes. The researchers said he was surprised because of the decrease in testosterone levels in the blood in young men who have excess weight.
The study was conducted on 50 male adolescent young age, 25 people of normal weight and 25 overweight or obese. The results reveal that young men who are overweight indicate Yag testosterone levels lower than boys with normal weight.

The study was conducted at the University of Medicine and Biomedical Buffalo. "Difference between them reaches 50%, meaning that a testosterone deficiency adolescent obesity by 50% when compared to the adolescent age with normal weight," said Paresh Dandona, one of the researchers.
As is known testosterone plays a very important especially in increasing sexual desire. Testosterone deficiency cause erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. When young men will generally have a very high testosterone levels that show changes in body shape and sound.
Testosterone deficiency in adolescence will lead to sexual characteristics they would not develop normally, for example, weak muscle mass, the sound does not change and does not grow hair in the genital area.

The worst impacts of testosterone deficiency in men is the development of insulin resistance which can lead to the emergence of diabetes. Therefore, efforts should be made to increase testosterone levels back by way of diet and improve lifestyle to become healthier.
Another study says that as many as 50% of men with diabetes will have at least one sexual problems such as impotence. This happens because in the long term, diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system that was instrumental in the erection process.

In addition, the study of Diabetes Care in 2003 mentions that men with diabetes have high levels of sexual satisfaction that much worse than other men who suffer from erectile dysfunction without diabetes.
Preventing diabetes means also prevent impotence occurs though not all cases of impotence caused by diabetes. One recommended way to save a lot of doctors are health from a young age. How to avoid as much as possible trigger factors of obesity.

The body is too fat will interfere with the absorption of sugar and can damage other organs related. Obesity in adolescence also contribute to vascular dysfunction in adulthood later. And as a result of the blood flow to the penis and to be disturbed, so there impotence.
Do not wait for old age becomes to lose weight. Most people think because of the age of the child is still young and healthy look that obesity is not a problem. On the contrary, the minerals into the body from a young age is responsible for the health of the child during adulthood.

Vegetables and fruits are much more useful than a lot of the usual snacks kids buy in the supermarket. Likewise with soft drinks and various snacks are often advertised on television, on average, a fairly high sugar causes children to become very lazy fat meal.

So a little explanation about the dangers of obesity in men who are still teenagers because it can cause a variety of sexual problems such as impotence in adulthood later.