Heart stopped beating when sneezing is just a myth

When sneezing, usually we are encouraged to say "Thank God" or "Praise the Lord". That said, many people believe that this is because your heart stops beating when sneezing. That is why we should praise God for still fine after a heart-stopping moment. But is our heart stops when sneezing? It turns out this is just a myth.

Sneezing begins with a tingling sensation in the nose. Nerve endings then sends signals to the brain, indicate something disturbing in the airway. The brain then sends signals to the body to remove it. Furthermore, the body reacts by getting take a deep breath and pressed the chest muscles. This increased pressure on the lungs, eyes closed, and you sneeze.
When sneezing, there is tremendous pressure on the chest that can alter blood flow. It is automatically also alter heart rate, making it a little too late. Because the heartbeat after sneezing usually harder, and therefore many people believe that the heart-stopping moment when sneezing.

There are several other myths associated with a trusted person sneezes. One is a person believes the spirit would leave the body through the nose when sneezing. Though of course this is just superstition need not be trusted. Now you know the truth behind the myths about sneezing.

When sneezing, no heart stops beating and still will work normally. But that does not mean you necessarily do not praise God after a sneeze, sneezing as well as well as the function of the body's natural processes to be grateful. Imagine if a foreign object in the nasal cavity were not immediately released through sneezing, foreign objects can enter and cause respiratory problems later in life.