Wash the face also has rules

Wash the face
Wash the face
Wash the face is routinely performed daily. Unfortunately, this activity is often overlooked that there are things that are sometimes missed.

Washing your face should not be original. This also disclosed dermatologist Kenneth Beer, MD, PA .. Following a review of how to wash your face with true, as reported Thefashionspot:

1. Before entering into the process of washing your face, you are required to remove make-up, like the rest of the foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow are used when activity outside the home.

2. Note the right water temperature for washing the face. Most of us usually do not care about the temperature of the water to wash the face. In fact, proper water has warm temperatures to help remove dirt and oil on the skin.

3. For a good selection of products, Dr. Beer suggest facial cleanser odorless. Massage your face with a gentle circular motion using facial cleansers, and do not miss areas such as the forehead above or hairline, jaw and neck, which usually tends to be ignored. "The gentle movements when cleansing your face will increase blood flow to the skin and helps keep the face healthy," says Dr. Beer.

4. Always pat the face that had been washed with a soft, clean towel. Avoid towels are made from rugged and rubbing motion when dried his face. Do not use the same towel or body hair. Because the germs can clog pores can be reattached to the skin.

5. After washing your face, you can use the serum or cream face. Thus, the skin will be maintained moist and hydrated longer.