Symptoms of gastric cancer

Burning sensation in the chest due to the increase in acid (heartburn) that lasts more than 3 weeks or more should not be ignored. Experts say, these symptoms could be signs of cancer.

In campaign Be Clear On Cancer mentioned, heartburn symptoms that lasted long enough often symptoms of esophageal cancer or gastric cancer.
Symptoms of gastric cancer
Symptoms of gastric cancer
Heartburn, also known as gastric acid reflux, is a digestive disorder that occurs when gastric acid and climbed back into the throat. Part throat does not have a protective coating that will occur as a result of inflammation of the acidic fluid and cause pain.

Characteristic of heartburn include pain or burning sensation in the chest and throat. Pain that radiates to the back of the bus and last up to four hours. Recurring heartburn can cause permanent damage to the esophagus and make swallowing difficult.

Esophageal cancer is detected early will increase the chances of success of the therapy. Approximately 67 percent of those diagnosed with the cancer in its early stages can survive at least up to 5 years.
In a survey in the UK known to 59 percent of respondents did not know that a prolonged heart burn is a symptom of cancer. Be Clear On Cancer campaign also mentions other symptoms to look out for, ie, difficulty swallowing food.

Cancer of the stomach or esophagus may suffer men and women aged over 50 years. This disease can be triggered by smoking, lack of fruit and vegetable consumption, obesity, and alcohol drinking habits.