Mistake washing the face can make skin problems

washing face
washing face
Who diligently wash face? Great if you understand the importance of washing your face, especially before going to bed. Washing your face is beauty rituals are important, but often done carelessly. In fact, washing face carelessly can make the skin more problematic.

Reported by geniusbeauty.com, these 5 common mistakes made when washing the face. These habits seem trivial but the resulting skin problems and irritability.
1. Products Used Not Suitable
Many products facial foam cleanser or soap with all materials and different uses. Choose the most appropriate for your face. Expensive does not necessarily fit with the skin. Facial foam your friend looked good in his face, not necessarily for your skin. So wear the most suitable facial foam.

2. Too Often Face Wash
Washing your face is important, but it does not mean three times a day or more than that. Washing your face is approximately 2 times, while bathing in the morning and before bed. In fact, some experts suggest just once before bed. Frequent face washing will remove the natural oils of the skin, while oil that is the protective skin from irritation.

3. Temperature Air One
Wash your face with normal temperature water. Avoid washing your face with warm water because it will make the skin more dry. If forced with warm water, make sure the warmth tend to be cold.

4. Scrub Too Often
Facial scrub will help remove dead skin cells, but use enough scrub once a week. Scrub or peel that is too often only makes the skin prone to irritation, because the skin cells need to grow about 2-3 days.

5. Towel Rough
After washing your face, definitely dried with a towel. Now, choose a smooth and soft towel. Never use a rough towel, especially with the way you use rubbing on freshly washed face. It will make the outer surface of the skin 'hurt'. Just pat your face with a soft towel.

Those are some things you should avoid when washing the face. From the simple, always keep your beauty.