Be careful, shivering can be contagious

In the middle of the rainy season as it is today, the air will surely turn into a colder than usual. Quite often, you usually shivering in the cold air. Did you know that when you shiver, people around you also can catch it?

Not many know that the real sense of the cold can be contagious. Reporting from, researchers at Brighton and Sussex Medical School found that just by looking at someone shivering from the cold, then you too can join in shivering. The researchers say that the unique facts of this is part of one human nature to empathize with other human condition.

"Without realizing it, people have to mimic the properties of other people because humans are social beings. One of the easiest things to be imitated or adopted are physiological changes. This mimics the process will produce a feeling of empathy on the thoughts and feelings of others. So often when people around you feel cold, you will also shiver, "said Dr. Neil Harrison, a neuropsychiatrist who led the study.

Interestingly when people around you feel warm, you do not immediately feel it. "We think that this possibility does not give the effect of cold air that you feel."