Therapy to treat erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction
erectile dysfunction
The problem most feared adult men is sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction. The reason, erectile dysfunction is the inability of the symptoms experienced by men to initiate or maintain an erection in order to have sex with satisfactorily. Erectile dysfunction will affect to many things, including lowering labor productivity.

Erectile dysfunction is due to two factors, psychological factors (psychogenic) and factor in erectile tissue disorders (organic) caused by some diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, nerve, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

You can overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction therapies that can improve erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa) that have been damaged. This method is different from other treatments that only use healthy tissue.

This therapy is divided into two, namely:

Stem cell therapy or stem cells that can develop into several different cell types. Stem cells are also capable of repairing tissues in the body are damaged. And you need not worry because stem cell therapy is fairly safe because fat tissue obtained from a patient's own (autologous stem cell transplant).

Low intensity or extra corporeal shock wave therapy that uses sound waves and can stimulate the formation of new blood vessels (neovascularization) in the penis. In addition to repairing damaged penile tissue, this therapy has no side effects.

This therapy system only requires 12 meetings in which only done 2 times a week in about 15 minutes. This therapy uses a special tool that can channel the sound waves and taped at some point in the patient's penis.