Sugar associated with blood pressure

New evidence published by the online journal Open Heart indicates that added sugars in processed foods was found to have a bad effect on blood pressure, heart disease and hypertension than salt. As you well know high blood pressure is a major cause of heart disease is the cause of premature death worldwide.

The dietary guidelines for more focused on the role of salt causes high blood pressure. But in fact research shows that reducing salt intake has only a small effect on blood pressure control. Instead dietary guidelines should be more focused on the effect of added sugars, especially fructose to prevent the emergence of a variety of cardiovascular diseases.
Processed foods are the main source of sodium, and sugar. Research suggests that the sugar is more closely related to blood pressure. The researchers also concluded that the sugar, fructose may exacerbate hypertension and other heart problems. High fructose used in sodas and other processed foods found to contain twice the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

No evidence was shown that people who diet sugar intake can avoid the risk of heart disease three times lower than that not a diet. For that it is necessary to limit the consumption of sodas and sugary processed foods like candy and so forth. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables that are beneficial to health.