Myths about menstruation

Menstruation is the monthly cycle are inevitable in every woman. This also makes a lot of myths that have sprung up around menstruation, such as drinking soda can make menstruation can be more smoothly. Is it true?

Here are 5 myths are wrong about menstruation:

1. Drinking Soda can accelerate Haid

Menstruation is a process luruhnya uterine wall as a result of the absence of fertilization. Sick or well whether this process is influenced by hormonal and psychological factors JUFA. Therefore there is no association between soft drinks with menstruation faster. Menstrual pain is also caused by factors position of the uterus. When the position of the uterus cause the cervix (menstrual blood discharge channel) pinched, it will cause pain. Certain drugs can extend or shorten the duration of the period.

2. Do not drink ice water during menstruation

Cold water does not have any effect during menstruation. During felt no pain or flatulence, then ice water is fine.

3. Use the pads can be caused infertility

Medically pads are things which can help a person to keep them clean and dry during menstruation. Basically all of the pads is healthy. But there are some women who are allergic or irritant. That is because the sensitivity of the genital organs of each person is different. Because it is recommended that each menstrual change pads as often as possible (ideally every 4 hours).

4. Prohibited swim during menstruation

During the wear pads and did not feel uncomfortable, then swim during menstruation is okay to do. This will not affect health. But if the stomach cramp, you should immediately stop swimming activity.

5. Young women who have menstrual can not get pregnant

This myth is very strong inherent in society, but this statement is not true. Pregnancy was associated with ovulation (egg cell maturation). Some teens may get a period before ovulation, at the same time the body to adapt to hormone levels. But there are some other teenagers who ovulate before menstruation. So it could happen pregnancy before getting your first period.

When the menstrual cycle has been going on, ie when entering adulthood then the egg is prepared each cycle. But it is still in the initial process, often egg maturation has not occurred completely, causing irregular menstruation. The occurrence of menstruation could mean already produced the egg (ovulatoar) or it could be without the egg.