Cellulite, skin problems every woman

Cellulite, skin problems every woman
One hope every woman is not to have scars on the skin due to injury. But despite the absence of any injury, you may see fine lines that appear on the skin whether it is part of the thigh, abdomen or legs are often referred to as cellulite. This is the most hated woman, skin problems that almost every woman have.

But what exactly is cellulite? Basically cellulite is excess fat pockets sandwiched between tissue that connects muscle to the skin. Unfortunately, it is not known why it happened or how to stop it before it starts. You probably will not see the symptoms of cellulite.
Why do women get cellulite more often than men?

Some of the factors that caused this to happen mostly in women is the hormone estrogen plays an important role. Plus women usually have more body fat than men. But the main reason is the fatty tissue that connects the skin and muscles differ between men and women. Men have thicker tissue, and more so as to form a crisscross pattern (as opposed to a vertical pattern on the female body). That's also the reason that makes the fat in the body man does not shrink and more rarely oppressed.

Why skinny women also have it?

You do not need a lot of fat that can have cellulite. Not always people who are obese have cellulite. Even skinny women can have multiple layers of fat between the muscle and skin them that cause cellulite.

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One more thing, why are more common in the thighs and buttocks? Because that is where most women store fat. In the section that is precisely into place much the appearance of cellulite. So, the question has been answered not you think so far? Do not be embarrassed, if your regular exercise and healthy living, it is enough really. You are beautiful as is.