Beware headache after sex

Medium headache is often the reason a lot of people to avoid sexual intercourse with her partner. But, be careful if you are experiencing severe headache after sex, especially in men.

About one percent of people estimated to have experienced headaches during or after sexual intercourse. The condition is also called orgasmic cephalagia. At least it is experienced by a person one time in his life, although the actual figure may be higher.

According to Dr. Jose Biller, neurologists and headache, the real headache after sex may be a sign of health problems are hidden.

"A headache from sex is usually caused by migraine or tension-type headache. Most are harmless," he said.

Men were at risk of three to four times higher with a headache caused by sexual activity.

However, he said, in a small percentage, sex headaches can also be caused by a brain hemorrhage, aneurysm (abnormal dilation of the blood vessels of the brain), or even a stroke.

"Most people who have a headache after sex feel embarrassed to see a doctor. The headache can be very painful and frustrating," he said.
HAS pain can be mild, but can be severe. This condition is triggered by the leakage of spinal fluid (spinal fluid) from the skull to the spine. The headache will be intensified if we stand up for the brain leads to the bottom.

In addition, other types of headaches can also be triggered by sexual activity is a headache "thunder". This is a headache that occurs during orgasm and pain can be felt for up to one hour later. Called lightning because the pain makes you surprised just like lightning.

Biller said, we can reduce the risk of experiencing headaches by keeping the body weight is not excessive or limit intake of alcoholic beverages. Some medications can also be used to relieve headache.

"However, if the headache occurs, immediately do a neurological exam to determine the cause of another hidden," he said.