The difference gout and rheumatism

The difference gout and rheumatism

Not a few communities that still lay between rheumatic diseases often equate with gout. In fact, it is clear that the two diseases are very different, although both are included in the list of joint disease.

When it went to the doctor, no patients were directly said joint disease gout affected. Though not necessarily, and can be sustained even rheumatism. Even with the symptoms, of course, vary.

Dr Andry Reza Rahmadi, SpPD, M. Kes, from Medicine Specialist Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, West Java explains, inflammation of the joints that occurs in patients with uric acid is usually common in the legs. While the occurrence of rheumatism in hand.

"For uric acid, most commonly occurs in the legs. More precisely in the thumb. Indeed, it is possible in the hands. But, so far the most often in the legs," said Andry Reza.
It is delivered by a man who is also a member of Indonesian Rheumatology Association (IRA), in the event of Rheumatoid Arthritis Recognize 'The Right Medicine and Music Therapy Improve Patient Quality of Life', the Cafe Energy, Energy Building, SCBD area, Jakarta.

When inflammation of the joints for gout occurs in the hands, usually that would be a pain just next to it, not second hand. As for rheumatism, it is clear both hands feel numb, even holding a glass of course is very difficult.

"Uric acid when in hand, next to doang sick, not next to it again. The pain is also the first part. The difference with rheumatism, which all joints will hurt," he explained.

Andry said, the cause of gout is the heightened levels of uric acid. This is due to the lack of a specific enzyme, which causes uric acid metabolism to be imperfect, even relatively high. When this happens, the result comes the uric acid crystals in the joints, which causes inflammation of the joints.
Danger Offal
Foods high urine protein derived from animal protein, one example is offal is the cause heightened levels of uric acid.

"Therefore, if anyone is suffering from high uric acid, do not eat offal. That there is the higher the uric acid. Likewise with certain vegetables, such as beans, will create elevated uric acid," said Andry. "Do not forget to adjust your diet, and do not forget the sport," he added.

Indeed, for drugs lowering uric acid is widely available in pharmacies, or if you ask the doctor, the doctor will give the recipe to you. But, it would be nice to be more introspective by limiting the intake of food. Eat nutritious food. Innards as it did a lot of love for good. However, if the most fatal consequences. It's good, to avoid it altogether.