Overcoming Watery Eyes

Watery Eyes
Tears are the eyes and as a lubricant for eye protection from foreign objects. Because the function of tear-like filters. However, tears are produced too much can cause disorders such as watery eyes.

Watery eyes known as medical epiphora. The cause watery eyes are tears filter is not working properly or condition in which the eyes produce more tears. Interestingly, the main cause watery eyes are dry eyes. Because the trigger dry eye tear ducts to tears so as a protection mechanism so that the tears came out in copious amounts.

Tears are produced by a system called the lacrimal gland. These glands are located above and behind the upper eyelid. When the flashing eyes, eyelids will shed tears coat the surface of the eye and make it come together in the lower lids. These tears are then spread to the puncta or eye drainage channel. Tears and into the lacrimal sac prior to the naso-lacrimal duct.
Naso-lacrimal duct is a place that connects the eye and nose. This is why the tears can go to the nose and into the throat. Then, the tears were re-produced by the lacrimal gland. This process takes place repeatedly in the same order.

What are the symptoms of watery eyes you need to know? Include the following:
  • Eyes feel hot and itchy.
  • Felt there were in and interfere with the eyes.
  • Eyes are blurred.
  • Swollen eyelids.
  • Sneezing.
  • Red eye.
  • Pain in the eyes and discharge or flakes of dry skin due to a clogged tear duct.
So, what can you do as a watery eye pain medication? The following treatments can be performed:
  • Provision of artificial tears when the eyes feel dry or burning.
  • If eye irritation and itchy, then the most likely cause watery eyes are allergic. Drug administration of anti-allergy eye drops can help relieve these symptoms. If necessary, ask a doctor prescription eye drops.
  • If there is fluid in addition to the tears coming out of my eyes, this means a clogged tear duct so that the fluid suction action is required.
  • The position of the eyelid which is less suitable also typically causes watery eyes continue. Therefore, the required minor surgery to fix it.
  • Antibiotics for watery eyes due to infection usually be done as prescribed eye check.
  • Maintaining eye early on can also prevent various diseases of the eye. Including watery eye conditions. The trick is to wear protective eyewear when in the sun or in a dusty room.
  • If the red eye, appeared pain in the eyes and nose, and excessive discharge, immediately consult a doctor