Inadequate vitamin K needs to be free of cancer

vitamin K
Your body does need a lot of vitamins and minerals, or call it the nutrients to function properly and not disease. But it turns out there is one of the nutrients, vitamins that can prevent cancer.

A study shows that this person is eating or with a high intake of vitamin K is lower likelihood of developing cancer cells in their bodies than those who do not meet the needs of vitamin K every day, mainly to prevent lung cancer or prostate cancer.
Vitamin K itself has two forms, namely K1 or phylloquinone and K2, or menaquinone. Vitamin K1 is found in green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils such as canola oil and soybean oil. While K2 is found in most meats and cheeses. The study was conducted with the consumption of both vitamin K and prove that much vitamin K1 is more likely to prevent cancer than K2 which is precisely the opposite impact.

The recommended daily intake for vitamin K is 120 micrograms for men and 90 micrograms for women. Well, that's why many are suggesting you eat fruits and vegetables, especially green vegetables. In addition to maintaining a healthy body, it also prevents cancer cells appear in the body, Ladies.