Foods for weight gain

Foods for weight gain
Foods for weight gain
Some people will be desperately trying to lose weight, but there is also a wish to fatten the body. Adding eating can indeed be used as a simple alternative to gain weight. Well, here are some foods that are believed to increase the weight:

An egg has a protein content as much as 5-6 grams so as to effectively raise the weight. Egg yolks are also believed to have a fat content is good for the body.

The content of nutrients in the milk is very good for the body. Not only that, a variety of foods that contain milk proteins also contain as much as 8-9 grams. Milk also contains fat that can raise your weight.
Vegetables and fruit
Fruits and vegetables are also good for the body because fat can make the process more smoothly metabolism of nutrients in the body.

bread wheat
Best available carbohydrate content in oats can help you become more fluent digestion.

Well, that's some kind of food that is believed to help to fatten weight. But, remember that you should not eat them in excess to avoid obesity. Good luck!