That Drowsiness

That Drowsiness
Difficulty sleeping can happen to anyone. In fact, in the not experience insomnia though. There are times when we want to sleep quickly, but in the end could not even sleep. Though already closed his eyes for a few hours in bed.

There are some quick ways that can make you sleepy. However, basically you have to relax your mind first. One trigger sleeplessness that must be removed is excessive kepikiran that makes you tense. Check out the tricks that we provide and you will be able to easily sleep quickly
Press Here
Press at the base above the nose and between the eyebrows. Some drowsiness when stroked in the area and eyebrows. But if you have trouble sleeping, briefly press at that point for 20 seconds. Loose slowly and repeat up to 2 times. In addition to this position, the part between the big toe and the second toe on the foot can be squeezed in the same way. It is said that this will make you sleepy easily.

Trying not Sleep
This could modify our bodies. Because when we tried not sleepy, often even more sleepy. Try this way and you're more likely to feel sleepy in just a few minutes.
Try tense the muscles in the thighs, legs, pelvis and back. A stretch ease your blood circulation and relaxes stiff muscles. After stretching and take a breath, sleep position is more comfortable and trigger a feeling of wanting to sleep.

Listen ASMR
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a method where we can feel the pleasure of a voice soft and indulgent ear. There are some ASMR videos shown on YouTube with various accents and themes. One is owned South Korean women who speak English faseh this. Guaranteed you will be sleepy in just a few time.