Sexual disorders are often experienced by women

The topic of sex is often avoided sometimes. Either because they feel reluctant or embarrassed. Though discussing the topic of sex is extremely important, for the sake of knowledge and also your household harmony. Ladies, do you know what that is often sexual problems experienced by women?

There are very few studies in India which deals with female sexual dysfunction. And one of the study were taken from 149 women of India, there are a number of sexual problems that they experience: lubrication (97 percent), sexual desire (91 percent), orgasm (87 percent), sexual satisfaction (81 percent), a desire to have sex (77 percent), and pain during sex (65 percent).

Then, just anything that can cause problems or sexual problems in women?

In general, sexual dysfunction in women has four main causes. Here it is the full explanation.

1 Physical or Biological Problems

This problem is closely related to various diseases, drugs are consumed, and hormonal imbalances such as menopause. A woman who has a physical or biological problem is prone to problems during intercourse.

2 Mental or Psychological Problems

Had traumatic experiences related to sex? Or mood (mood) who likes change? A wide variety of problems relating to psychological or mental ability can also lead to the emergence of sexual problems in women.

3 Issues affair

The relationship of a woman with her ​​partner has a big role in her sex life. Problems in a relationship such as unhappiness, premature ejaculation, even busyness can trigger disturbances in the female sex.

4. Vaginismus

What it vaginismus? Vaginismus is a sexual disorder that is characterized by a tightening of the muscles of the outer third of the vagina that is often painful. So women who suffer from vaginismus can not intentionally or consciously contracting muscles of Miss. V is. Only when Miss. V will be penetrated, the muscles can instantly tighten spontaneously and usually also influenced by psychological reasons.

To prevent problems or sexual disorders in women, there are several ways you can do. First, get education about sex that discuss a variety of topics such as sexual anatomy, sexual physiology, and also myths about sex. Secondly, doing exercise or sports such as Kegel exercises can also help to control the muscles of Miss. V.

Ladies, do not be afraid to discuss sexual problems. Knowing the important aspects of sex is very important in order to obtain a harmonious sex life and be happy.