Build muscle with electricity

Developed in Germany, Electric Muscle Stimulator (EMS) was originally used as a therapeutic tool for overcoming back pain, joint pain relief, and recovery after stroke. Over time, the tool is then developed into a beauty tool to to lose weight. Until four years ago, fitness centers in Germany use it as a sport. In fact, football players of Bayern Munich Football Club also use it in their regular fitness exercise.
Harnessing the power of the electric current of the device attached to the vest, upper arms bands, and upper thigh bands, EMS burden on the body when performing exercise movements. Movement made itself diverse, ranging from stretching movements, weight training (without barbell, dumbbell, bench press, weight training or other tools), squats, push ups and sit ups, to muay thai.
So, even if you perform the movement without the dumbbell biceps exercise, you will feel as if doing so using dumbbells weighing 6 kg. Typically, for a beginner, a trainer at the gym will be asking us to use a weight of 2.5 kg only. But somehow, you'll be able to do so.
Apparently, the electricity does give a signal to the brain to tell your body deliver more power. "No need to worry about being overwhelmed. EMS training load can be adjusted according to the fitness level of each person. Therefore, training should always be accompanied with a certified EMS trainer, "said Bams, distributors and users of this tool. He himself has been exercising with EMS since last year.
The body also has a greater power because electricity from the EMS was able to reach up to seven layers of muscle and muscle to move 38 250 points. Supposing, if during this time your muscles are working only 10% -20%, this tool will encourage 100% of your muscles to work.
Because the more muscles are trained, the more muscle mass also will be set up, automatically burning the fat is going to be higher. Because of that, 20 minutes of exercise using EMS as effective as exercising for 1.5 to 2 hours in a conventional gym.

After practicing with the EMS, we can be sure the next day you will feel the muscles of your body aches. No need to worry, it is a normal reaction to the above exercise you do. Sign, your muscles are working to improve himself and increase its mass. That way, the fat burning continues until two days after the exercise.
"Therefore, exercise should not be performed by EMS two days in a row. At least give an interval of a day or two. Your muscles need time to recover first, "said Bams. It also prohibits the exercise is performed more than three times a week to avoid muscle injury. Because, in practice only once, the muscle has been encouraged to work as closely as possible.

If you've been exercising with EMS, but still want to do other sports, you should not choose weight training your muscles to avoid over-trained. Choose the type of exercise that trains the body's other health factors, such as yoga or Pilates to train the body's flexibility, or aerobic respiration and swimming to train and improve fitness.