Why should lunch with fruit? The reason

Why should lunch with fruit?
A lot of people hard to decide what to eat lunch with, especially if you want to lose weight. If the day is very hot, would be very good if you have lunch with fruit alone. Is it enough? Very quite, Ladies. You can even prepare yourself from your lunch at work or bring a lunch from home the fruit itself.

As quoted from www.fitnea.com, there are several reasons why you should eat fruit at lunch, among others, are:
Decrease appetite
When the midday heat, most delicious eating fruit that will bring freshness in your throat and in your stomach. Lunch with fruit would be very good because in addition to making you satisfied, also make you discouraged for another meal. Fructose in fruit is the main food that will give you energy to the body.

Good strategy to lose weight
You feel the weight is very disturbing appearance, then you can lose weight by eating fruit strategy when lunchtime arrives. It has also become a good habit because fruit contains many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that will refresh your brain and body are tired. You can eat a few pieces at once or make a salad by adding a bit of mayonnaise.

Quick solution to lunch time is very short
If you are being chased by a boss targets and lunch to be sacrificed, then you can take a quick step to eating fruit. You can eat 2 bananas or apples, or avocado quickly while typing at the computer. Not only would make full, also able to meet your energy is drained.

Choose fresh fruit
If you already intend to eat fruit at lunch, it would be better that you bring fresh fruit. Do not be fooled by the packaging of juice sold in supermarkets, because many ingredients are not too good for the body. Fresh fruit also contains fiber which is good and no artificial sweeteners. You can choose all kinds of fruit that you like.

So, prepare from home and with a healthy lunch.