Not All Chinese Made from Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines
"Just use Chinese medicine!" Speech as it is often we hear. There is a strong belief that is implicit in the words of the "Chinese medicine".

Undeniably, the strong belief that inherent in the hearts of the people because China has experienced in the treatment of documented empirically for thousands of years. Prophet Muhammad was once said, "Seek knowledge up to China."
What actually is a Chinese medicine? Are all medications imported from China? Or drugs that packaging using Chinese characters? Could the drug in question is a chemical that comes from China? Or drugs throughout the material comes from China?

Traditional Medicine

When people talk about Chinese medicine, is actually divided into three categories, namely: 1) a drug which contains pure natural medicine, 2) drug that is made from synthetic chemicals, and 3) a drug which contains a mixture of natural materials with synthetic chemicals.

Thus, not all Chinese medicine is a traditional medicine that is made ​​from natural. Natural material itself can be derived from plants (herbs) as well as animals.

The medicine made ​​from natural this is intended as a traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional medicine is itself nothing has been packaged in a modern form of capsules, powders, and pills, but some are still a herb or blend the individual nature (prepared according to the condition of a person).

Inside a traditional Chinese medicine usually consists of various kinds of materials. Sometimes up to a dozen types, although there were only consists of 2-3 kinds of materials only.

The natural medicinal ingredients that are not always entirely derived from China. There are one or two materials are imported from Indonesia, America, and Europe. But, certainly, is entirely natural ingredients.