Love Tips From The Men (Women Need to Know!)

Love Tips From The Men
A love affair with a man who we love and love us are always happy. You'll often read the troubleshooting tips to keep a lasting relationship. But this time we present special because ..

These tips are taken directly from the men.
A total Eat Normally
"I know why she was often jaim when nge-date or night of the week. Usually they say it's full when ordering food, but once I suapi food, he ate more than me. Anyway, just order as much food as you eat in a day usually . man would be happy if you eat clean plate, rather than no message is anything but get home starving. "- Good, 26 years

Do not continue to think of us
"When you fall in love, do not make the man as the 'center of the world'. Often you know I see female friends just think of the man, talk about it all the time, all done for the sake of man. For some men, including me, it is somewhat less reassure. okay to pay attention to it, but you certainly have the world itself. Do not you leave college class or not coming to a close relative's wedding in order to accompany us to watch football. 
Do not contact us any time
"Frustration really if the girl that I estimate always contact me at any time. If he send a message and I did not reply, he immediately thought that a no-no. Yet again if he calls all the time, after a long time I was pissed. Paying attention does not have to calling every one hour once or call without a break all night. If you do, we often consider it a waste of time and you do not have another job. Get a life, darling! "

You are not the only special
"Typically, women who are in love to feel special and happy if treated special by her boyfriend. Know no mistake, we have fun just treat you like a princess. BUT .. you are not the only people in our lives. We have family, relatives, friends and so that for us too special. We would be happy if you do not sulk if I have a schedule to play indoor soccer with friends or shopping accompany our brother. "

Independent girls is cool
"I have fun just drove my girlfriend to and fro., But I am also human beings who have to divide their time and a lot of activities. Males really if the girl sulking because I can not get her to a place, when I no longer need to be with friends. Men glad to be one who can be relied upon, but not ever mandirilah, we could not 24 hours there for you. Except for the very emergency. "

We are (actually) not walking ATM
"Girlfriends of mine once said gini 'seriousness man seen from its ability to pay for food or buy goods for her boyfriend' and I think it was a bit silly. Yeah anyway .. we usually do not mind paying a meal or theater tickets., But we would appreciate a woman who alternately want to pay. instead stingy, this relationship is the responsibility of both, so that the financial affairs should also matters both. I would appreciate a woman who readily pay for parking or treated me to a glass of juice while you're driving long distances than a spoiled girl who hung there bodies appointed ask buy. I was not a walking ATM, another affair if already married, then the financial problems 100 percent my responsibility. "
All men are not the same
"Hurt if there is a woman who says all men are the same. Usually women say that if there is a new man who hurt him. Instant deh pat equally considers all men it sucks and the other negative charges. Honestly, you definitely do not like the accused 'all the same woman, joy, a waste of money to buy the discounted goods is of no use '
That advice and tips from the men. Do you agree, ladies? Convey your opinion in the comments :)