Increase the fertility of the husband with this 6 food

Increase the fertility of the husband with this 6 food
Sperm fast prime will determine whether or not you are blessed with a baby after marriage. One of the ways that men have sperm healthy is by eating the right foods.

According to nutrition expert adviser at the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition, Dr. Keith-Thomas Ayoob, proper food is food that is good for the heart and make blood flow remains smooth. Blood flow is the key to prevent premature ejaculation.
"The point is to keep the blood flow," said Ayoob. "To do so, men must have a low blood pressure and clogged arteries are not," he added as quoted from the Health Revolution.

What foods are good for the heart and make blood flow remains smooth so that the body can produce healthy sperm? Here are six of them:
Watermelon is good to make tough while swimming sperm. According to Ayoob, the fruit is rich in potassium, which can prevent high blood pressure. For general health, watermelon is one of the fruits that contain lycopene (lycopane) is sufficient as an anti-oxidant to fight cancer

Similar to watermelon and other red fruits, tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, which means rich in antioxidants. Lycopene is found to improve prostate health. Research suggests lycopene can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. "With a healthy prostate can produce sperm strong," said Ayoob.

Salmon is rich in omega 3, which can lower high cholesterol levels (the bad) in the body. This fish also contains many proteins that not only make a strong sperm, but also can swim fast.

Low Fat Milk or Yogurt
Milk and yogurt contain lots of calcium and potassium. Two of these contents can maintain blood pressure remains normal and the flow of blood in the arteries is more smoothly. Ayoob recommends to consume low-fat milk. "If the blood pressure is too low, the resulting sperm was not strong," he said. "Even if the sperm was a good swimmer, but he will not get anywhere," he added.

"Nuts are rich in minerals," said Ayoob. The content that is in beans prevents blood sugar to rise. Food is also very effective in lowering cholesterol levels. Eating 1/2 cup of pinto beans can lower blood pressure by 8-10%.

With normal cholesterol levels, men also can produce healthy sperm. Conversely, if high cholesterol levels, low male sperm count so it is likely to be small fertilize.

All types of berries are very rich in antioxidants. Ayoob also suggested to combine all types of berries to eat, ranging from blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. Berries is beneficial to prevent damage to the arteries. By having a healthy artery, blood flow can remain normal, so healthy sperm production is not disrupted.