How to Determine Genuine Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine
Users of traditional Chinese medicine in Indonesia, more and more. Among other things because the government is subject to the era of free trade, so that the fans of traditional medicine become easier to get.

The problem, in which the original purchase drugs? How do I know it's fake drugs or not? Here are some suggestions to guide buy Chinese medicine according to doctors of traditional Chinese medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Dr.dr. William Aditeja.
  • Select which include FDA clearance printed on the packaging
  • Check if the name / address of importer companies listed clearly
  • Check if there is a hologram that import company name
  • Check if there is a description of the content of the content / composition
  • Thorough indications and contraindications (abstinence)
  • Do not buy that no Indonesian language
  • Check whether the customer service phone number listed and consultation
  • Check if the list expiration date
  • When the packaging is opened, the smell of traditional Chinese medicine in contrast to synthetic chemical drugs (such as herbs)
  • When the capsule was opened, traditional Chinese medicine powder over rough.
  • When the packaging is opened, the color of traditional Chinese medicine is more tanned.
Traditional medicine native usually sold in drug stores that have been reliable and have a name