6 things that must be experienced by a beautiful woman

beautiful woman
For those of you women who feel beautiful physically, of course, has its own satisfaction. Wherever there must be men who are interested. Whatever the purpose, there must be a sense of interest although sometimes they are not shown. Exciting indeed if many People who can love even infatuated with you. But obviously it is not always a benefit to yourself. But it still can give goodness for the way you utilize the proper beauty.
So whatever it is there is positive also negative. As usual, and also not far from it, will be a lot of things that definitely could even be frequently experienced by beautiful woman. Based on observation and experience in carrying out activities involving beautiful women, these are the things that must be experienced by a beautiful woman.
Envied Couples
Men who undergo couples or relationship with you will often experience jealousy. He sometimes does not look like it, it was because he could address the flavor. So actually, when you approached, dimodusi, or even look familiar with another man, he must have felt jealous.

Often Tempted
Everyone knows, that a beautiful woman would often be teased or more general dibecandain. Only with that just man (man) involved have felt happy.

Many Temptations
When there is a good guy, attention, and there is the potential to provide happiness, a lot of women who feel tempted to forget even for a moment with her ​​boyfriend. And for a beautiful woman will often experience this. Madjongke.com As already explained many times, it can happen because the man can decide to love a woman just by looking at the appearance alone. Weak in the eyes of men and women weak in ... (wait for the article ...).

Make other women jealous
Yes definitely make other women jealous. Often noted, many are like, etc. while they are not treated like that when you're there. Some even feel jealous when a man whose status lover they have dealings with you.

Difficult to judge which one is genuine
Must have experienced this if you are really beautiful woman. It is difficult to assess which one is genuine which are not. Because the man you love with other women are usually willing to make a second priority. Given that it would be difficult to tell which are genuine and which man hunt only fun because they are almost all the same attitude, trying to look the best (guy who likes you).

Treated Falsehood
To approach even feel the love from you, many men are willing to be like other people. They walked with a big fake. They always want to look good and fit with the character that you like. Indeed, sometimes there is honestly what it is, but it's obviously very rare and if there is you certainly would not choose it. That was probably true because you still feel confident with the others despite what they contributed only falsehood and it can be revealed as time goes by. If it can be known before already, not a problem. But if you're really tough for new freelance uncovered, it is scary.

Actually there are many, and of course you know it's because of you that live. Advice from madjongke.com, do not take advantage of your beauty just for the sake of momentary pleasure that can cause bad effects in the future. Ok you are beautiful, but you also still have a future. Beauty can not always guarantee happiness later. It could even be your beauty will trap you in a bad life never imagined though. Read also gain the advantage so beautiful women for others