10 ways to make boyfriend always misses us

misses us
Lovers always miss us when we're not there, fair enough if we invented a new beginning. But the boyfriend who has been dating long enough we usually do not like it. Not always he was missed or miss with us.

It required a bit of effort to make him feel nostalgic at all times. If it were so, he wants to meet with us will be even greater. Here are tips from madjongke.com to lover or boyfriend you always miss or miss with yourself.
1 When meeting with her​​, make her feel as comfortable as possible.

2 Give praise to him. Do it according to circumstances. Although slightly exaggerate, should not be too much to keep it sensible.

3 Do not forget the sweet words when Chat, SMS, or when the telephone itself. Although just as inserts, you should not forget that.

4 Reassure him that you miss him when he is not there.

5. Give a sweet smile as often as possible when meeting. Make him miss the smiles it.

6. Show and maximize things she likes and it is on you.

7 Treat her semesra possible when with him.

Shown 8. best if you want to meet up with a girlfriend.

9 Although he already knows and are not concerned about flaws, do not show or show him too often.

10 Make him really fall in love with you. The way information can be read tips to make him truly fall in love.

Feeling nostalgic or miss with a girlfriend can be stronger if the many advantages that is in you. For it made ​​him proud in the positive. In addition, keep improving yourself and do not be satisfied with your current situation, even though he was able to really accept what it is. Make him miss you and more in love with you.