Windows Shield XP 2014 Full

Windows Shield XP 2014
Windos Shield XP 2014 salah satu update terbaru dan versi terbaru dari aplikasi yang telah dialokasikan oleh staf dari tim Shield. Ini telah beroperasi sangat bersih dan user interface yang mudah digunakan.

Perubahan yang dilakukan dalam versi ini:

  • Some languages ​​have been removed , for example, and other Chinese and Korean.
  • Background images have been removed and replaced the old with some of the best ones .
  • The votes have been changed and the old windows with new ones sound schemes .
  • Take the windows have been removed and the function of the Windows XP tour Shield 2014 full version .
  • Been removed some old school games as well as other online games .
    Definitions have been arranged or customized printer again to remove the cache and a large -sized documents .
  • Additional functionality in Windows XP 2014 Armor Full Version:
  • Have been added most recent and latest updates .
  • The drivers included in this sky smart windows version .
  • SATA definitions have been added to this to accept the latest tools and laptop computers .
  • Has been added the latest and newly updated IE8 and also in Windows Media Player 11, which have been updated .
  • Added beautiful themes and customizations that covers all tastes and interests.
  • Has been added high quality HD technology to the backgrounds to make the desktop directly .
  • New 6 , added the latest fun and games instead of the previous games old school .
  • Seven votes were added windows instead of windows xp sound schemes and the old settings.
  • Has been added to the control panel brand new with updated tools required for the new use of everyday life.
  • Added a set of lines in Arabic and English with patterns and new allocations in this .
  • Added a new set of user pictures and thumbnails in this release.
  • And included a range of programs required for daily use is also used in Windows XP 2014 Armor Full Version .

Termasuk Applikasi

  • Internet Download Manager (IDM).
  • Update the Adobe Flash Player.
  • Terra for quick copy speeds .
  • RocketDock slots for document clean and fast.
  • The latest version of Winamp .
  • Fully updated and the latest version of WINRAR slots for the archive file .
  • A whole new update Notepad .
  • Is included ICONS defended Black to take a whole new look for the drives.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Task Manager Windows.
  • Software is included 7-Zip compression utility also in Windows XP Shield 2014 Full Version .
  • Each new program is ideal for easy misstatement of the programs you do not want anymore .
  • QQPlayer for media playback better.
  • Skype to chat live and video calls support.
  • The reader to read documents and PDF.
  • Google Chrome for a better experience and faster web browsing.
  • Vigilance program for webcams for laptops.

Installation instructions:

  • Burn file ISO dalam DVD dengan bantuan dari DVD atau ISO burner atau membuat flashdisk bootable serta USB.
  • Restart.
  • Tekan tombol apa saja pada keyboard, saat diminta.
  • Ikuti petunjuk dan langkah-langkah dan menginstalnya.